New Technology from Yebotech

Yebotech is used extensively in South Africa and around the world. New systems continue to be developed as new technologies arise!


Distinguishing features of Gen2:

Keys supply power to the lock – no lock battery.

Inductive interface – no contact damage or corrosion.

Pure electronic – no bitting and a universal key.

Clutch-based – low power requirement, can’t force.



Other key features:Key_plus_features 1

Battery life 2 year / 50,000 lock accesses.

250 authorisations – 1 key can access 250 locks.

2,500 audit trail items.

NFC – quick sync using cell phone.

Touch interface with LED and beeper feedback.


Yebo Sync Screen shot 1

 NFC Sync with YeboSync smart mobile phone application:

Android compatible.

Available @ Google Playstore.

Key Syncs in a few seconds.

Remote authorisation (GPS).

Location monitoring via GPS data on Sync.

Location enable Sync via GPS proximity to lock.



Multifunction station:


Key powered/Key enable.

PIN entry/ Additional security layer.

Mobile time window activation.

Auto/Immediate sync.

Proximity (GPS) activation narrows risk exposure.

Options: USB, GSM, ether, WiFi, BLE, I/O, battery backup.


About Yebotech…

Yebotech is a South African electronics manufacturing company which markets and sells an innovative smart or intelligent electronic key (centric) and locking system designed to replace conventional mechanical counterparts.  The Yebotech solution monitors and manages a company’s supply chain or infrastructure focusing on two important ingredients – people and assets!

Yebotech is used in many different market sectors, among them supply chain management; retail management; property management, hospitality management; mining; airports, healthcare services and transport systems.

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