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Key management across geographically dispersed locations, coupled with a mix of staff, contract and third-party maintenance teams is a well-known problem that creates challenges in logistics, security, and access to high-value assets.

Yebo Tech offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to these problems using a digital key centric system, integrated with a variety of flexible features dependent on the client’s specific requirements. The common denominator is a single digital key solution for all access to high-value assets, both monitorable and authorised for remote entry and access.

Key management for Telecommunications provides solutions to control, manage and audit keys, ensuring reduced downtime, staff accountability and access restriction. All benefits are maintained by each individually assigned key user, selected access rights.

“Yebo Tech has enabled us to address issues immediately and with great effect. The Yebo Tech system enables full audit capability and remote immediate or calendar time (predetermined) allocated access to all locksets across geographic locations”.

Yebo Techs closed ecosystem consists of a platform, software and hardware items.

The standalone hardware and software items are:

  • (platform/server);
  • 128kb Digital Key (induction – contactless);
  • Multi-function Sync Station (GSM or internet connectivity);
  • YeboApp (mobile android cell phone application);
  • Various Locking Mechanisms (full range of locksets);


Below are a select set of software/firmware benefits, pertinent to the application:

  • Allowing select groups access to designated locksets only, controlled by pre-determined time and day automatically (link to a calendar) or immediate (for a once-off limited time);
  • Error logging to highlight a problem that occurred during the use, ensuring faulty items are corrected or attempted unauthorised access monitored;
  • The key sends and receives data, allowing for lockset authorisations to be updated automatically and seamlessly;

The YeboApp software is downloadable from Google play store, allowing for immediate syncing with the platform and key via NFC.

Scenario/Case Study application:

Employee contracted and third-party maintenance staff, once at the destination, requests to access a remote site via an SMS or WhatsApp message. The site controller, having received the message, accesses the platform and authorises access to that specific key for a designated (agreed) period. The key is synced via NFC with an android phone. It communicates to and from the platform, updating the keys authorisations and updating the platform with the keys previous activities. The designated locksets at the remote site are accessible by the key for the prescribed period.

Yebo Tech Support:

  • Yebo Tech offers complete installation and support, with an ongoing maintenance program to assure that the system is always current;
  • Yebo Tech works with each customer to ensure that efficient, effective and correct system requirements achieved on the usage case scenario;
  • Hardware is warranted against manufacturing defects for after purchase, with optional extended warranty support available on request;

About Yebo Tech:

Yebo Tech is a South African electronic lock manufacturing company which designs, markets and sells an innovative digitally capable electronic key and locking solution aimed to replace all conventional mechanical locks.

Yebo Tech creates flexible distributor or partner entry points dependent upon vertical or geographic strengths. Yebo Tech offers a variety of support level options and flexible technology integration dependent on the partner capabilities.

To learn more, contact the YeboTech team;


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