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New Technology from Yebotech

Yebotech is used extensively in South Africa and around the world. New systems continue to be developed as new technologies arise! Distinguishing features of Gen2: Keys supply power to the lock – no lock battery. Inductive interface – no contact damage or corrosion. Pure electronic – no bitting and a universal key. Clutch-based – low […]

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Cavendish Square one of many Infrastructural companies protecting their assets and customers with Yebotech

Cavendish Square is an award-winning shopping destination in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa boasting more than 200 stores that offer exclusive local and international fashion, cinemas and a selection of premium restaurants and coffee shops. Cavendish Square is often described as “the perfect excuse to go shopping”. Cavendish Management says … “it […]

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YeboSync 1.17 released

There’s something a little bit magical about holding a key to a phone and suddenly the key can open a lock it couldn’t previously. That’s what you can now do with Gen1.5 and the YeboSync app, already on version 1.17 but now available for general use on the Google play store.

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