Introducing Next Generation 1.5 Yebo Electronic Key

Gen1.5 keyGen1.5 key dimensions vertical

Introducing the successor to our Gen1 AAA Key, the revolutionary Gen1.5 Yebo electronic key to be available in 2015. Priced similarly to the current Gen1, this key features:

Key and lock

Key and cam lock

  • Metal chassis with unbroken plastic covers making for an exceptionally robust device;
  • Contactless connector, meaning no electrical contacts to abrade, corrode or break;
  • Modern touch-sensitive interface, meaning no buttons to break or holes to allow ingress of dirt;
  • Built in beeper for signalling informational and error events;
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) capability, meaning your Android NFC cell phone can be used to manage the key;
  • CR2032 coin cell with multi-year battery life up to 70,000 lock openings and standby exceeding 2 years;
  • Transparent circular label window for your own branding or labels inside the housing;
  • Key retention dimple for locksets requiring key retention.

Download the Yebo Gen1.5 Key Sneak Peek for an illustrated summary.

Label cover

Label side of key

Just like its Gen1 AAA forbear the Gen1.5 key also supports a real-time clock for time managed access; built-in issue, revoke and wipe management functions for easy management of small sites like homes or offices; and function and status indicator lights in red and green. Capabilities with respect to authorizations, audit trails etc. are identical to Gen1.

Unlike the Gen1 key, the Gen1.5 key is designed to allow easy customization of colours and styles. Circular labels may be easily and cheaply printed to create keys custom-branded for your organization, or high-visibility labels associated with permissions or allowed areas of use. Labels are inside the cover so they cannot be easily damaged or tampered with if you elect to use special screws. But with the right screwdriver covers are easy to replace and the screws are secured with high quality metal inserts so they are not going to fail or degrade.


  1. Is the Gen1.5 key compatible with my Gen1 locks? No. The Gen1.5 key and plug needed a very different shape in order to support key retention and the contactless interface. In all other respects however the Gen1.5 plug is the same as the Gen1 plug.
  2. Can I use Gen1.5 keys on my management account? Yes. The Gen1.5 key can be managed exactly like the Gen1 key, and Gen1 and Gen1.5 locks and keys can be mixed on the same account.
  3. Can I use the NFC on my iPhoneTMNo. Apple have released a phone supporting NFC but have not yet made it available to third parties. Currently only Android NFC-capable phones are supported and most Samsung models have been tested to work but we hope to support iPhone when this becomes possible.
  4. How do I use NFC to manage my key? Place the key under your phone and it will take you to Google Play to install the YeboSync App. This App enables you to use your cell phone as a mobile sync station. To sync the key after YeboSync is installed simply hold it under your phone for a few seconds.
  5. Will Gen1.5 cost more than Gen1? A little bit more, the pricing is not yet finalized.
  6. Are all my Gen1 locks now obsolete? You are not abandoned! We will continue to supply and support Gen1 product. If you are interested in upgrading existing sites to Gen1.5 contact us for a special deal. If you are an existing user deploying to new autonomous sites, you are advised to go with Gen1.5. From a management perspective the products are identical.
  7. When will Gen1.5 be available? Gen1.5 product will be available in quantity in Q1 2016. The initial lockset portfolio is limited to cams, padlocks and Euro cylinders. Inquire for samples.
  8. Gen1.5. Does this mean there is a Gen2? Yes. But rest assured Gen1.5 keys will work in Gen2 locksets and Gen2 keys will work in Gen1.5 locksets.