Activation Plug

Model: YT15-ACTP-01

Activation plugs are small devices carried by a user into which a key may be inserted. These plugs may be used to “renew” an expired key calendar. Activation plugs are useful in scenarios such as:

  • A sensitive key is kept permanently out of time window. When it needs to be used it is inserted into an activation plug, following which it may be used for some specified period.
  • A user has a key that will only need to be activated for eg. 2 minutes on arrival to the access point and will only allow activation for eg. 11 hours of the day, enforcing two factor access at any given point.
  • A user has a key that has a regular work shift time window. In an emergency the key may be inserted into an activation plug to enable the key for some period.
  • An activation plug is held by a manager which may be used to activate keys for a work shift in thee vent keys are unable to sync in a sync station for any reason



• Robust casing
• Contactless communication
• <50ms operation



1 Year


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