Plug angled – cropped

Electronic Stainless Steel Plug

Model: PLG002

A 32.09mm x 12.80mm (1.26″ x 0.48″) electronic plug with stainless-steel housing. Supports 4Nm clutch mechanism operating in bi-directional (B), anti-clockwise (A) or clockwise (C) directions, suitable for incorporation into high security locksets. Features sealed keyway, contactless connection, hardened anti-drill pins, all stainless steel construction with non-corrosive elements. Variants with 3.17mm and 3.5mm key retention holes.


• Clutch mechanism
• <50ms operation
• 196 authorizations
• IP67 rated, IEC60068 (salt spray, heat/cold)
• Plug-based audit trails, key blacklisting, multi-key, firmware upgradeable


1 Year


3.5mm variant
3.175mm variant