GSM Sync Station

Model: YS15-SYNC-02

Sync Station used for synchronizing keys with the management system and uploading audit trails. Suitable for desk or wall mount.

The GSM variant may be used in any area with GSM coverage and supports an optional battery backup fail-safe operation. Suitable for sites using time windowed keys and requiring a high degree of reliability.

Key synchronization station suitable for high traffic use. May be wall-mounted, desk mounted on angled bracket, or as desktop box. Installation is stand-alone requiring only a 6-24V power source and usable wherever there is GSM coverage. Built-in battery backup. Immediate visual feedback to user of key’s synchronization and issue status via a scrolling display.


• Network via GSM
• Desk or wall-mounted
• Battery backup
• Stand-alone
• Secure communication with server


1 Year


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