Yebotech features


  • Easily fully integrated management system
  • One key programed to open multiple locks
  • Master key can issue or revoke authorisation of keys
  • Each key is issued with a Id and user name
  • Each key has an adjustable time window


  • Time windowing mirrors usage or work time
  • Rights can immediately be revoked
  • Exceptions generated by management software
  • Keys and locks carry a unique indelible electronic identity
  • Multi-keying – more than one key can be inserted to open a lock
  • Locks can be used as check points
  • Compliant with industry standards


  • One key can open multiple locks
  • One lock can be opened by multiple keys
  • Easy to manage complex business rules
  • Improves efficiencies and management controls


  • Captures every user action by specific time
  • Available on audit trail by key, user, department and lock
  • Exceptions generated by management software
  • Reports developed to clients’ needs